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Last update: October 27, 2018
Valentin Papon

tel. +33769715893
128 rue de l'Ouest,
Paris 75014, France

French graphic designer, I work within all the fields of visual communication whether it is printed or digital matter, of  any and every kind such as posters, books, leaflets, folders, menus, postcards, flyers, business cards, stamps, brochures, etc. I also have a thing with code such as developing websites or blog plateforms.

From a soft spot for details, I tend to take a certain focus over the typographic sytems and prioritize a clear legible message with a clear font choice and a precise selection of iconography.

I prioritise commisionner’s background and content over any signature style. I don't believe in templates and on every project I expect to produce a narrative and pleasing object with singular images in order to convey a real identity.

References and positions 

18now Ohlman Consorti in Paris, France
16now Freelance graphic and code works
1618 MFA in graphic design, EESAB-Rennes
1618 ‘Ornaments: tools and systems’ thesis
17 Common Room NYC/City3 freelance
17 Spector Books with Markus Dreßen
1316 BFA in graphic design, EESAB-Rennes
15 Commando Group in Oslo, Norway
13 Clermont Higher School of Art

Past educators, colleagues and commisionners

Héctor Solari, Heidi Specker, Markus Dreßen, Anne König, Jan Wenzel, Jorg de Vries, Lars Fischer, Catherine de Smet, Marie Proyart, Isabelle Jégo, Maria Sætre, Eivind Molvær, Nico Gerrard, George Dupin, Marjolaine Lévy, Frédéric Teschner, Benjamin Gomez

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Random project
Siri Vensen, poster, 2018

Les Playlists,
compact-disc, 130 × 130 mm, 2018

Siri Vensen,
poster, 841 × 1189 mm, 2018

Terra Incognita,
book, 245 × 335 mm, 2018

Kino Kino Kino,
poster, 841 × 1189 mm, 2018

Ornament: tools and system,
book, 169 × 235 mm, 2018

website, responsive, 2017

Rekonstruktion der Zukunft,
book, 165 × 235 mm, 2017