Valentin Papon
53 quai de la prevalaye
35000 Rennes (FR)
email @ valentinpapon . com
+33 7 69 71 58 93

French graphic designer based in Rennes (France), I’m currently at the European Academy of Art in Brittany (EESAB) in a MFA degree where I wrote my thesis about ornament. Either it's for printed or digital matter, I work within the whole area of graphic design and typography with a strong and particular focus on editorial projects and composition. From a soft spot for discipline and details, I consider a traditional strict typography as modus operandi and see the technicals aspects of the process as a trigger.


16-18    MFA at European Academy of Art in Brittany
16-18    Thesis writing ‹Ornement, tools and systems›
   17    Common Room NYC / City3 freelance
   17    Spector Books / Spector Bureau with Markus Dreßen
   15    Commando Group Oslo, Norway
14-16    BFA at European Academy of Art in Brittany
   13    Clermont Higher School of Art
11-13    Design & Applied Art School Nevers


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